Curriculum Vitae


Pronouns: he/him/his
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Work Experience

Associate Software Engineer

Company: Fidelity Investments
Location: Chennai, India
November 2022 - October 2023

I was part of Fidelity's Workplace Investing business unit. I worked primarily on building the backend (using Spring Boot) of a middleware (ETL) application in the PEP domain. The application would receive a webhook via the exposed APIs from third-party Payroll Vendors when they process payroll for the participants. We then pull some data from the vendor's exposed APIs and process them. Finally, we send the processed data to a downstream system, which eventually reaches the mainframe server. I got to work on a few DevOps automation where I had to build CI/CD pipelines for the application and minimal frontend stuff using Angular since we started this project from scratch. Besides, I worked on a few BU-level projects to enhance the development experience. One important project was to build a search engine that would look through the Service Now, Confluence, Jira and GitHub data and return results of the projects, tech stacks used, product owner, lead developer, etc. The idea was to help people (in this huge organization) find similar projects, technologies or whatever they are looking for, get some assistance and even find platforms on which they can onboard. We used Angular for the front end and Python with Flask for the back end. Sadly, I left the organization before we could complete it.

Tools: Spring Boot, Kafka, Jenkins, Angular, Kubernetes (AKS), Serverless (Azure Functions), Adeptia (a low code platform), Snowflake Data Cloud, Flask and Oracle's PL/SQL

Executive Graduate Trainee

Company: Fidelity Investments
Location: Chennai, India (Hybrid)
August 2022 - November 2022

This was my first ever full-time job. We went through a training program called LEAP. It is Fidelity's flagship 18-week program for recent college grads. We had intense training on skills and technologies required to be a Full Stack Engineer. We primarily learnt Angular and Spring Boot, along with some soft skills. The capstone project was to build a trading platform with authentication and external APIs. Other than that, I collaborated with my previous manager's team to build a chatbot that can aid the tenants of our platform. The platform hosts an application called Adeptia. It is a low-code platform (third-party vendor application) that other teams in the organization can use for their use cases.

Tools: Angular, Spring Boot, Amazon Lex (AWS), Express.js and GraphQL

Intern (Spring)

Company: Fidelity Investments
Location: Remote
January 2022 - June 2022

This internship was during the final semester of college. It was tough to manage both our college project and the internship. But I somehow got through it (like any other situation in life). I was a part of the core team that maintained an application platform called Adeptia. The application was going through a significant upgrade. They had recently moved from a monolith architecture to a microservices architecture. I worked on testing the newer version to see if the application was scaling well, to see if the performance was adequate and to find other bugs. These bugs had to be reported to the vendor (Adeptia was a third-party vendor application). It was a pretty slow and time-consuming process. I then worked on building a Work Intake Tool. This tool would collect appropriate data from potential "tenants" of the platform (and assign a score) to see if their use case would fit. We used a survey tool called Qualtrics with some custom Javascript code and Microsoft's Power Automate.

Tools: Azure Cloud (AKS, Blob Storage, Active Directory, etc.), Datadog, Splunk, Javascript, Qualtrics and Power Automate

Intern (Summer)

Company: Fidelity Investments
Location: Remote
May 2021 - June 2021

This internship was during my third year in college. It was a 2-month internship that happened during the summer break. I was part of an Enterprise Data Lake team, which primarily used Snowflake as their data warehouse (Fidelity was amid a major migration from Mainframe to Cloud). I worked on a test automation framework using Python, SQL and Pytest for an ETL process. This framework helped reduce the testing time significantly. I got exposed to the agile framework here and also gained a fair understanding of how a finance firm's back office operates.

Tools: Snowflake, SQL and Pytest (Python)


Russian Piano Program

Institution: KM Music Conservatory
Location: Chennai, India
January 2024 - Present

After working for almost two years, I quit my job to learn music for a year. My mind is a mess. It is extremely difficult for me to make decisions. I think, think and keep thinking indefinitely. It was a tough decision to quit my job. I've decided to try out music, make friends in the field and see if this is a good fit for me. I've come down to computer science and music as the two ultimate paths that I'd take in my life. One will make me money, and the other will stay a hobby! That said, this conservatory is one of the best in the country. Though it doesn't compare very well in the international arena, I think this place is a good start for me. I've got some of the best teachers in the country. My piano teacher has got his roots in Moscow. His teacher, Irina Smorodinova, was a student of Emil Gilels.

Diploma in Audio Engineering

Institution: KM Music Conservatory
Location: Chennai, India
January 2024 - Present

I decided to join this course at the very last moment. There was a bit of hesitation since the course was a bit expensive. I figured my not going to work was already costly and would not make much difference monetarily. There is a hard cap of one year for my musical endeavours, and I would start looking for jobs after that. So, I decided to make the most of the year and see how things unfold. I already had a bit of knowledge about mixing and production before joining. The goal is to consolidate all that knowledge and fill in the gaps. The instructor here is from the industry and is a phenomenal teacher.

B.Tech. Information Technology

Institution: PSG College of Technology
Location: Coimbatore, India
July 2018 - June 2022

I got my engineering degree from this institution. It is a tier-1 college at the state level and probably at the bottom of the tier-1 list at the national level. Since I didn't have enough marks, we had to pay a capitation fee to get a seat. I learned a lot here - not just the subjects, but much more. I made a lot of friends, and we travelled a lot. Even though we spent almost half of the time at home due to COVID-19, I have no regrets. We travelled and partied so much in the first one and a half years that I don't feel like I missed out! That said, my concentration on my studies didn't deteriorate because of all the fun. I got good grades. In hindsight, I think COVID might have affected my education a bit. I feel I might not have absorbed as much as I'd liked. But we had no control over it anyway! The projects that we worked on were quite interesting. All of them were using Machine Learning. We worked for our professor (and class tutor) on her PhD project. We devised feature ranking algorithms for high-dimensional datasets that are used for training machine learning models. We worked on improving the efficiency of Malware Detectors using Neural Networks (RNN, LSTM, Transformer, et cetera). We read research papers all night without understanding a single line of math. ChatGPT wasn't even a thing back then, and it is funny now to think that we worked on something similar.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (High School - PCMB)

Institution: Carmel Garden Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Location: Coimbatore, India
June 2004 - May 2018

This is the only school that I've ever studied in. I spent my 14 years of childhood here. It was the first ever matriculation school for boys started in our district (on 1st June 1964). It was a beautiful Roman Catholic School. I was an obedient student. I didn't get into much trouble. Most of the troubles were because of my friends. They were the naughty ones. It's just sad that I'm not in touch with them anymore. I was not very good at any team sport (except cricket). This inability might be one of the reasons for me picking up music, but I can never be sure!

Software Projects

Anonymous Chat

Gmeet Automation


Music Projects

Enna Solla (Cover)

Minnalgal x Oru Kal (Cover)

Happy Organ (Original)

Oh Penne Penne (Cover)



During my undergrad, I happened to be the class representative twice (and I hated it).

At PSG, I was part of a club called "Radio Hub". We operated a community radio and I was a production assistant. We hold a Guinness World Record and Asia Book of Record for an event that we conducted. It was hectic but fun!

I wanted to pursue music after school, but my parents didn't allow me. In retrospect, it turned out to be a good thing!

I was forced to study biology in high school. I still think it was a bad idea. I should've studied computer science!